Arctic State Agrotechnological University


Educational programs





Arctic State Agrotechnological University (ASAU) is one of the largest higher education agricultural institutes in the North-East of Russia. The main goal of ASAU is to train a new type of specialists for the North and the Arctic, who will be able to implement high technologies, taking into account mentality, traditional way of life and cultural values of northern indigenous peoples.

The Academy has 5 faculties:
- Faculty of Agrotechnology
- Faculty of Timber Complex and Land Reallocation
- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
- Engineering Faculty
- Faculty of Economics

In addition, there is a college of technologies and management, and a branch in the Oktyomtsy settlement.

There are 17 sub-faculties at ASAU, the Institute for Advanced Training in Agriculture, Research Institute of Veterinary Ecology, several LABs: the biologically active substances, immune-genetic, socio-economic problems of the village, economic-mathematical modelling, a Center of Technical Guarantee of Scientific and Teaching Processes, a scientific library, as well as experimental practical farms in the Oktyomtsy settlement. Students have practical training at the Yakut milk plant, poultry factory, Khatas agicultural enterprise, financial and agroindustrial corporations, municipal unitary enterprises of the Republic.

ASAU employs 147 teachers, most of the being Professors and Candidates of Sciences (Russian equivalent to PhD).